If you’re wondering how to use magnesium spray oil then to that we say, it depends. Due to the great but extremely varied health benefits of magnesium, the way in which you use your spray oil will depend on what is ailing you. That is one of the great benefits of having a topical supplement like the spray oil, not only is it more effectively absorbed through your skin but you are also able to tailor its use to your symptoms and lifestyle. Apart from our recommended daily use of magnesium oil to help build up the levels in your body you can also use magnesium oil for symptomatic relief. Here are some of the things you might use your magnesium spray oil for and the best ways to use it:

  1. Headaches and migraines

If you are currently in the midst of a headache or migraine, use your fingertips, apply your Magnesium Oil to your neck and shoulders as well as putting a little on your temples. If however you are a chronic sufferer and are looking instead for prevention then apply daily, whether in a targeted area like your neck or shoulders or general application as an increase in your body’s magnesium levels is key to prevention.

  1. Sleeplessness

Similar to the prevention of headaches you can treat sleeplessness with magnesium oil through a general application as increased levels of magnesium will help your ability to get a good night’s sleep. However, for a more targeted approach, you can also apply your Magnesium Oil to your lower legs and soles of your feet 20 minutes before bed.

  1. Relief of discomfort or pain

A targeted way to treat any discomfort or pain is to apply your Magnesium Oil to wherever it hurts simply by massaging the oil into that area.

It is important to note that while magnesium oil is great for any temporary symptoms you might be experiencing, you will get the best results from it if you use it regularly. This will help to build up the magnesium levels in your body which in turn provide you with amazing health benefits.