Magnesium is needed by over 300 enzyme systems in the body which is an amazing fact considering that most people are lacking in it. It helps to regulate a diverse range of biochemical reactions in our bodies such as protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, glucose blood control and blood pressure regulation.

It is for these reasons that magnesium is so important. However, due to depleting levels of magnesium in our food and water and our inability to easily absorb it through our stomachs majority of us don’t have the levels of magnesium we so desperately need to feel our best.

While you could just take a supplement or increase the magnesium in your diet it is proven that topical applications of magnesium are much more readily assimilated by the body. That is why magnesium oil sprays can boast such amazing health benefits. Here are just a few examples of how the application of magnesium oil spray can benefit you:

  1. Boosts energy

Magnesium promotes the activation of adenosine triphosphate, also known as ATP, which is an enzyme that produces cellular energy. By activating this, magnesium helps to boost energy and helps prevent the feeling of fatigue.

  1. Calms nerves and anxieties and promotes better sleep

Magnesium helps to calm nerves and anxieties by regulating certain hormones like gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), an inhibitory neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) that helps to reduce anxiety. In doing this, it allows you to have a better night’s sleep by calm your brain as well as improves sleep efficiency, sleep time, sleep onset and aids in early morning wake-ups.

  1. Relieves muscle aches, pains and cramps

The relaxing qualities of magnesium go even further than just your mind. It can also benefit muscular aches, joint pains or cramps. Magnesium helps regulate neuromuscular signals, muscle contractions and balancing calcium levels within the body which means it can help muscles to relax and contract, easing pain and reducing cramps.

Asthma sufferers may also be able to use magnesium oil sprays to help their breathing as the magnesium can help relax the bronchial muscles which in turn helps a person’s ability to breathe.

  1. Relieves migraines

Magnesium can also be helpful for those who suffer from severe migraines by reducing the severity of them and the frequency in which they occur. This is because magnesium affects neurotransmitter function and blood circulation which helps to relieve migraines by releasing pain-reducing hormones and reducing the constriction of blood vessels.

5. Helps to keep bones strong and healthy

Magnesium is also essential for good bone health. It also influences the bone cells that are essential in building healthy bone density as well as regulates calcium and vitamin D levels which are also important in bone health.

As you can see, there are innumerable ways that magnesium can benefit your overall health and magnesium spray oil is a quick and easy way for your body to absorb it.