How do I use DownUnder magnesium oil?

Simply spray on soft areas of the skin, hands feet, back of the neck or back of the knees, or wherever the problem area is in the body.

Why does the DownUnder magnesium oil or deodorant make my skin tingle?

This is common on sensitive skin and should dissipate within a few minutes, if not then reduce the amount or add some water until the skin can tolerate full strength.

How do I buy your DownUnder magnesium products?

There is a shopping cart on the product page. Click on what you would like and pay online and we will ship it to you.

I want to buy your DownUnder magnesium products at a wholesale price and re sell?

Please contact us on the contact page and one of our consultants will get back to you with a price list.

Can I use DownUnder Magnesium oil on my children and pets?

Magnesium products is known to be safe on children and animals.

How often should I spray on DownUnder magnesium products?

As often as you would like, and feel like it, most people enjoy spraying after a shower or bath.

How quick can I get my DownUnder magnesium oil:

We will get it to you as fast as we can.